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Student Comments

Past students sharing their VAFD experience...

I attended the Vermont Academy of Floral Design in June 2009, not to open a florist shop or do floral design professionally.  I did it for the enjoyment of the flower.  And I went to the right place.  The area in Vermont is most enjoyable, and the Academy is the brightest spot of all, second only to Ned Davis, proprietor.  I marveled at how in a moment's time, he could place a flower next to another and come up with the most incredible arrangement, that no matter how hard or how long I labored, I think I would never be able to do myself.  But his skills (and patience) certainly got me started on the path to hoping one day to come even a bit close to his level of artistry.  The class size is kept small so that you receive individual attention.  Ned is very concerned that his students receive the highest quality of learning.  I would enthusiastically recommend the Academy to anyone who was interested in learning this art.    

Helen W., Ballstow Lake, NY 

"The Vermont Academy of Floral Design was the perfect place for me to get my start in the business!  Ned is an excellent teacher.  The curriculum he has created covers all the skills one needs to pursue a career in floristry... not only a sound foundation in design and execution but a firm grounding in the business skills which can make your venture a success. The learning environment at VAFD is one in which you receive encouragement as well as constructive feedback.  I plan to continue my professional education with VAFD!"

Tedd Kapinos - Attended VAFD November 2007
Jasper and Prudence Floral
Weathersfield, VT

"I like to work with flowers simply for my own enjoyment and I've been wanting to take some floral design classes for several years.  The opportunity to spend a week at the VAFD presented itself this past spring.  It was a wonderful experience - fun and creative and so much more.  Ned Davis is a talented artist with an easy-going, non-critical teaching style. I left with a foundation of design knowledge, as well as a heightened respect for the flowers and the art form. I loved it, and I hope to take more classes in the future."
Nancy T., Waterville, Maine - Attended VAFD June 2008

"I will forever be thankful for the trip I made all the way from the west coast, to attend The Vermont Academy of Floral Design.  That experience has helped me to feel confident and go forward in pursuing my dream to be a floral designer for weddings.  Two months after returning I was the florist for an outdoor wedding and everything was beautiful; bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres & centerpieces.  Thank you Ned!  I will always remember arriving for class in the morning, excited for another incredible learning opportunity, and seeing you cutting beautiful flowers in your garden to make every day a very special day in floral design!" 

Janice G., Seattle, Washington  - Attended VAFD June 2008





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